February 22, 2024

The ENFP male

ENFP males are enthusiastic, empathetic, spontaneous, creative, emotional, forgiving and inspiring and if you think those traits are not “manly”, you probably have prejudice.

ENFP men do not fit the traditional masculinity expectations at all and they’re not worried about it

Most other males could learn a thing or two from ENFP males in terms of emotions, empathy and expressiveness. Yet many of them will judge an ENFP male as “feminine” or even ask them if they are gay. One of the reasons why men are more likely to die by suicide than women must be because they keep so many emotions bottled up. ENFP men are not uncomfortable with their emotions and they are usually excellent at processing them. That’s why male ENFPs are overrepresented among therapists.
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For an ENFP male, this emotional expressiveness and heightened empathy can only be a problem in their younger years, when most males aren’t yet mature enough to understand the value of feelings. Later on in life every ENFP will tell you that they are sure it’s an advantage in life, because part of maturing as a person is knowing how to handle emotions. ENFP males may seem soft, but they are actually quite resilient emotionally. For example, in a national sample, along with ESTJ, they had the highest total coping resources of all the types. Coping resources allow us to adapt to different situations in our environment and enhance resilience to stress.

Extremely charming and enjoy making others feel special

This one is true for both ENFP females and males but males may be even better at it because societal expectations are still that males approach women, so ENFP males are pushed more to be charming. When trying to woo a woman, ENFP males may put on a show, or even a romantic spectacle that might be cringy to some of the introvert types, but works to melt most women’s hearts.

enfp man teacher

Where to find an ENFP male?

Well, first off, they will probably find you. They don’t lack initiative when it comes to starting relationships and friendships. But if you really need to know, ENFP males tend to like the arts and the humanities. Many of them are teachers, educators, psychologists, performers in all sorts of arts. They also like fun, so any fun place is a good place to look for an ENFP male (workshops, bars, public speaking courses, conventions, open mic comedy nights).  ENFP males make up 6,4% of the population in a national representative sample according to the MBTI manual, which is not exactly rare, even though they love to think of themselves as special, but don’t we all?

Are they loyal?

If you google experiences about this you’ll see that ENFP males are often described as “quite the ladies man”, especially if they’re handsome. When they’re younger they might go from flower to flower in search of fun and novelty, but if they find somebody who “clicks”, they will definitely play fair and be loyal, especially in marriage.

ENFPs were ranked in the top four types in valuing “home/family” and “community service” in a national sample according to the MBTI manual, so they’re perfectly capable of being good family men. ENFPs were also ranked highest in valuing “relationships and friendships” in a national sample. They are also great with children, but might have problems disciplining them.

Any bad sides?

Well, of course, nobody is perfect. ENFP males tend to be less practical than the average man. Some of them can be quite clumsy, forgetful and usually late. Sometimes they’re emotionally needy and at their worst even histrionic. Unhealthy ENFPs can’t handle being alone for a second and they like being the center of attention too much. They are also often bad with money, since they lavish people with gifts all the time, not just friends and family but total strangers too. They also have a tendency to fix problems by just throwing money at them.

Famous ENFP males

Robin Williams
Ricky Gervais
Russell Brand
Jim Carrey
Will Smith
Chris Rock
Justin Timberlake
Che Guevara
Julian Assange
Bill Clinton
Andrew Yang